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Maze Game (Part 3/3): Polish & Submit a Pull Request to the Gallery


Congratulations! If you finished the last part of the Jam and implemented two different game mechanics, you've just created an entirely unique game and learned to implement different game mechanics on your own!

I encourage you to keep working on your game - work on making your sprites look great, add some sound effects, and keep working on creating a narrative that tells the story of your characters and why they're trying to solve your maze to get to the goal. What significance does the goal have? What do the individual challenges/game mechanics correspond to?

Once you're done, you can make a PR, or pull request, to add your game to the gallery. It likely won't qualify you to get a free Sprig console (unless you take your game in a truly different direction), but it's still really awesome to finish a game and be able to finally publish it in a gallery that can be seen by everyone.

Follow this link to get started with making a PR! Happy hacking :)

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