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100-120 Min

Maze Game (Part 2/3): Adding Gameplay Mechanics


Last session, you built your very own maze game from scratch! (if this isn't true, check out session 2 of this jam!) Today, we'll be expanding on our game by adding various game mechanics, or features. Take a look at the list of examples below, and make note of what seems fun/interesting/inspiring to you!

This jam should take two one-hour sessions to complete when run in a club.

List of game mechanics

During these next two sessions, you'll be choosing two game mechanics to implement in your own game! Choose two of varying difficulty levels, and try your best to figure out how to implement them on your own, but don't be afraid to make use of the hints and those around you! Think about how you can combine different game mechanics to play into a cohesive game, and think about how you can build a story around the ones you choose.

Starting the tutorial

Let's open your game back up from part 2 of this jam (if you haven't done this yet, check out part 2!), click the "next" button at the bottom of the tutorial page, and get started with the second part of this game!


Great job with finishing this section of the jam and adding some custom game mechanics!

Next session, we'll be polishing our game and making a submission to the Sprig gallery through GitHub.

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